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Welcome the leaders of Tianning District to SCS to visit and guide the work



On the afternoon of March 18th, Zhang Kaiqi, the head of Tianning District, and a group of six people came to our SCS Shengtian Transmission to inspect and guide the work, and attached great importance to the production and operation of our company in 2021. Under the leadership of the company's general manager, Mr. Qiang Chun, the leaders first visited our company's production site, praised our company's existing production line of transmission components such as sprocket gears and technical research and development work, and gave high praise.



At the meeting, Mr. Qiang Chun, general manager of the company, introduced the company’s development in recent years, introduced the industry application prospects of the products in the fields of electric vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, logistics machinery, and automated transportation, and gave a good impression on the company’s future development in the next five years. The planning and construction made an outlook. District Mayor Zhang said that he hopes the company will sum up more experience and steadily focus on production while actively exploring the market. Government departments will also actively coordinate and promote common development for practical problems that arise in the production and operation of the company.