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Promoting school enterprise cooperation, combining practice with study, cultivating applied talents



The high-end manufacturing industry is an important support for a region. SCS Shengtian transmission will be committed to accelerating the cultivation of intelligent talents, improving the management level, improving the industrial technology content, and striving to focus on the cultivation of talents. At present, school enterprise cooperation is the innovation of the training system of skilled talents and the inheritance and innovation of the training mode of combining theory with practice. Adhering to the principle of "common development, mutual benefit and win-win", SCS Shengtian transmission and Changzhou Technician College of Jiangsu Province have further promoted the school enterprise cooperation project and organized a number of outstanding students of related majors to come to the enterprise to observe and study.




Under the leadership of production Minister Liu, the students first visited each workshop. Minister Liu made a detailed introduction to forging, machining, gear hobbing and heat treatment, as well as every process and production line. Students are also very serious, especially interested in robot automatic processing line.

During the whole visit, the students were well disciplined, orderly and showed a good mental outlook; at the same time, they held a learning attitude and politely asked questions to the staff of the enterprise about work and life, showing good personal quality and skills. This visit stimulated the students' professional pride and self-confidence, and laid a good psychological foundation for their future career.




After visiting the production site, the students also have a more comprehensive understanding of the whole plant. Then, Mr. Tang, the deputy general manager of the company, organized the students to have a discussion, introduced the operation situation, living environment, enterprise concept, enterprise development, enterprise culture and industry prospect of the enterprise in more detail, and answered every question raised by the students in detail.

This visit to the enterprise has built a good learning platform for the students, so that they have an intuitive and in-depth understanding of the real working environment and living environment of the enterprise. At the same time, it has also enhanced the communication and exchange between the school and the enterprise, and has played a great role in enlightening and guiding the training objectives and direction of the school.